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How is this an Ad?

When people repost this the first thing their audiences see are Sony headphones. This wasn't by mistake. At the core of it all, this is an emotional Sony ad that influences viewers to share the video to their stories. The subliminal messaging shown throughout isn't distracting but is cemented in the viewers head by the end. This post got 75 shares which is sizable when you put account for my previous 260 posts that got a maximum of 15 shares. The main question I asked myself throughout making this ad was

"How do I make an advertisement that has a story rooted in it?"

Sony Headphones

Behind all the specs Sony headphones are just a step up from AirPods but that step is a big one. I wanted to showcase the immersive experience these headphones have through a narrative film that's personal to me. Oftentimes music ads are designed to make us feel happy, but I enjoy listening to music to reflect, reminisce, and calm my mind. I think those feelings are also relatable to Millennials and Gen Z.

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