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I specialize in photography, interactive GIFs, and videos used in social media ads, the website, and giveaways. I work on ideas for all campaigns pushed to our audience and create most digital assets. I also worked on social media and copywriting.

My Role

Brewbike is on a mission to empower the next generation of leaders, go-getters, and entrepreneurs. We found it hard to find quality coffee on college campuses that didn't take an hour to get, so we made cold brew on tap. We employ students such as myself.  When we were tasked with making an e-commerce platform, we had to pivot to cold brew kits and let our audience know we are still here. Our rebrand has more character and shows our values a little bit better. We are playful and run by students.

The Brief


Global campaign for 20,000 employees

across 5 locations.

Agency: Ogilvy

Role: Art Director/Designer/Retoucher

Copywriter: Riley Lachance

CD: Emily Clark